2024: In the Spirit of “Cutting” People Off.

Mariam Seme
3 min readDec 22, 2022

Bad friends are like paper cuts, both are annoyingly painful and make you wish you were more careful.

It is that time of the year when you think about things you have achieved, gained, and all of that. But most importantly, one thing most people do is to cut off the people that only had so much negativity to offer during the year.

2024, I am cutting people off with a very sharp scissors. I already bought my scissors, seriously. You should not feel bad for taking away toxicity from your life. Think about the times you have tried and drained yourself because of someone who does not put any effort into appreciating you. Is it worth another episode?

People are different. In the way; we see things, react to them, and how we let them affect us. That is why we most times expect people to understand just because we do, expect people to be strong just because we are.

This is why misunderstanding always happen in every friendship. Personally believe that the first step to understanding humans is to know that you cannot understand humans.

Trying to understand a person that is not even easy to deal with is a different kind of stress, which drains you mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. Some people make it too difficult to be with them, and if you try, it is not your fault.

Maintaining a friendship with anyone is not difficult. If you are with the right person you would know this. I do not know which one is harder, losing a friendship or trying so hard to keep that friendship together. I will go with the latter because some people are just so hard to be with, and it is not your fault or theirs. It is just not meant to be, don’t force it. They are dealing with you with their own level of comprehension and that’s just it.

You could really be friends with someone and you are not their friend. Read that again. You don’t need to look far, look at the way they treat you and the people around them. It is better if you cut them off. I am not saying life is better without friendship, but it really could be. What I advise is that you should expect less from people.

Friendships are meant to be enjoyable, not tense or anxiety-provoking.

Life is too short to do it with people who you get anxious when you are around them, you can not be yourself with, or who do not care about your opinions.

Also, Work on yourself. If you are not the type that can maintain friendships and do not allow people to take you too seriously if you can’t take them seriously too. It takes two to tango. When one person is not putting in any effort, it is not worth it. Don’t be the reason why someone is having a hard time. You should be ready to accept and respect people when they don’t want you too.

Over time, you realize that some people aren’t worth it anymore.

Thank you for reading!! Leave your comments please. What negative energy are you leaving in 2023?



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