love is louder when we do this

Mariam Seme
2 min readJul 31, 2023
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When it comes to loving someone, it takes work. You will be wondering why a feeling like Love would need work — it should just flow, right? No, It doesn’t work like that. Why??

Because as human beings we are wired differently. Our approach to things, our upbringing, beliefs, attitudes, likes, and dislikes, are most times different from one another.

This is why sometimes you stop feeling like it —or you want space from your person. Getting some time to reflect on yourself is good but when it becomes a rough patch you need to fix it all the time because of misunderstandings, assumptions, and lack of proper communication. Then you need to do better for yourself and your partner.

When you find someone you can do EVERYTHING with, think about, hears you, and act right. Sometimes they will do things that you do not like, and things you do not want. Your reactions matter a lot. We can’t get a 100% from anyone, we have to compromise !

If you talk to someone and feel like you want to keep talking to them, if you see someone and want to continue seeing them, if you feel very comfortable in someone’s company, they are the ones that you compromise for. Compromise is very important in relationships. So is sacrifice.

Pride is one of the things that breaks a beautiful relationship with friends and partners. People with a pride level of 100% would not even think about compromising. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship and conquer all problems you should learn to remove pride when it comes to your relationships. Two people with too much ego can’t work, and it takes two to tango.

Lack of proper communication. I am heavy on effective communication, if you have to be vulnerable then do that. A relationship where you are afraid to be heard is not healthy, you will encounter rough patches more than half the time. How can you go days without talking to someone you claim to care about? You prefer to use silence and create room for assumptions. That’s manipulation, and it’s not healthy.

Love is louder when we care. Love is louder when we compromise for each other. Love is louder when we communicate our feelings. Love is louder when the love is bigger than your pride. Love is louder when we sacrifice.

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